• Media consulting – Program and product review, are you effectively telling your story? Need a language or cultural insight for your intended audience?
  • Audience Engagement – Advice and consulting on how to better reach your audience and see real response and change.
  • Video Production Services – Assist or implement a one or multi camera video shoot with professional sound and lighting, locally in Michigan or internationally as needed. Emphasis on documentary, drama, music video, web video and promotional.
  • Audio Production Services – From dramas, promotional, commercials, poetry, music, field recordings, sound effects integration, music mixing to voice over, we are capable of pulling together a comprehensive recording session to meet your specific needs for your story or project.
  • Cultural Content – Advise and strategize how cultural stories, proverbs, music or parables can enhance and promote your overall distribution strategy and endear your intended audience.
  • Script – Writing and visualizing for the screen, formatting for multiple actors, incorporating visual elements and multi-language production teams.
  • Budgeting – For audio and video recording, make the most of your resources to effectively and creatively capture your story.
  • Marketing, branding and distribution consulting – How to reach your intended audience with effective results in your product designs and do so on a low or no cost budget!
  • Music Library – Over 100 ORIGINAL instrumental based background music tracks to choose from and growing! Smoothly integrate music into your production. If we don’t have what you need we can help you find it and acquire it.
  • Stock Video footage – Licensing, selection, we have our own in-house library and/or we can assist you in locating and securing quality footage for your production.
  • Video Editing Services – Ingesting video an audio digitally and seamlessly creating a compelling cohesive story from your script and footage.
  • Subtitling for Video – Enhance your program by adding in clear, concise and engaging subtitles to reach multiple languages and audiences with the same program.
  • Training – In many of the above areas, with special ability in video and audio production, story formation, script writing, storyboarding and video editing.
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