VISION – A world with access to the stories of the Bible for everyone!

MISSION – SABEEL MEDIA inspires and enables Christians and Muslims to bridge cultural differences by creating and distributing high quality, multilingual, artistic products promoting God’s Word in culturally relevant forms. 

PURPOSE – To produce and distribute high quality artistic materials of spiritual, moral, cultural, and ethical value in various languages.

At SABEEL MEDIA we create original, spiritual, culturally relevant, compelling media programs, digitally distributing them all FREE to our international audiences around the globe, utilizing the power of mobile phones and the Internet.

Our Board of Directors

Danny Dyess – Board Chairperson

Ken Keisling – Board Member

Eric Sholander – Board Member (Secretary/Treasurer)

Phil Saksa – Board Member

Befkadu Meshesha – Board Member

Stephen Coats – Director

2018 Annual Report

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2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report